Our Approach

Our activities add value for our business and our clients. However, despite our extensive expertise around the implementation of such projects, we are not always in the position to directly influence the overall design or implementation strategy of a project.

This could be the case if we become involved at a later stage in the project preparation, as a subcontractor on a project or in the case of countries where the inclusion of environmental or social considerations in contracts are not mandatory by law.

In these cases we strive to proactively take measures to identify any environmental and social impact our activities may cause before they occur. We then take appropriate action to avoid, minimize or mitigate them.

In those cases where our influence is restricted, we use our leverage by entering into dialog with the relevant stakeholders. Where we can, we aim to promote positive contributions.

Why choose Equipment

We use the best equipment to achieve the best results for your projects


We take an agile & iterative process that allows us to manage our cost, quality & timeline by regularly managing technological challenges, project risks, and resources.


We divide the entire project into smaller components, and every component is produced individually with the main focus on core project elements.


According to clients’ requirements. In this way, we make sure that even the smallest requirements are fulfilled.

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